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While Avatars may not be utilized all that much on the Xbox One, it looks like they're still receiving a little love from Team Xbox on the latest home console, with brand new items centered on the World Series recently released for folks aiming to beef up their virtual wardrobe.

Avatars were front and center back in the days of the Xbox 360. Not only were they your personal companion while navigating the menus of Microsoft's last-gen console, they also starred in a handful of games. More than anything, they were seen as a way to show off your fandom, with all sorts of items available for folks to download for free or purchase in order to make sure everyone knows, through your Avatar, that you absolutely loved the Halo or Gears series.

Ever since the Xbox One launched, though, the plucky little characters have made only sporadic appearances, with new wardrobe items fewer and far between. But with a couple of new major items hitting the Avatar space, that's got us wondering if maybe Microsoft is planning a comeback for the sidelined mascots.

A couple months back, Microsoft hosted an Xbox onesie giveaway on the Major Nelson blog. During the PAX Australia keynote, however, it was announced that virtual versions of those onesies would be hitting the Avatar scene, with black and white versions of the jumpsuits available for folks to don on their digital counterparts. They look just like the original onesies and, better yet, they're free for everyone. Just head on over to the Avatar shop and get to downloading.

Also, we don't know if you've heard about this yet, but apparently there was a pretty big baseball game or two played in the past week. In order to celebrate the Cubs' historic victory, a new World Series ring has also been made available in the Avatar marketplace, giving fans of the team, or just fans of really big rings, a way to share their passion with online friends.

That's a lot of attention for the Avatars all of a sudden, which has us wondering if something else is brewing behind the scenes. Maybe Microsoft was just looking to get a few timely pieces of virtual memorabilia out the door, or maybe they're planning to ramp up support of Avatars all over again.

We also have to wonder if folks even care anymore. I don't mind that to sound as snarky as it does; I'm genuinely interested if there's still love for the Avatars out in the game-o-sphere. It would certainly be interesting to see figures on how many people actually download those onesies and rings. If there's demand, we certainly wouldn't be against a return to form for our digital counterparts. What say you, readers?

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