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Having motorcycles and motorcycle gangs in Grand Theft Auto V is cool and all, but you know what's really cool? Light cycles. Light cycles are really cool. And with the game's latest update, players can finally live out their Tron fantasies on the hard streets of GTAV.

Yeah, we were pretty surprised by this update, too. Called Deadline, the most recent addition to the online world of GTAV are vehicles that bear a striking resemblance to the light cycles from the Tron series of films.

The announcement trailer welcomes players to the "electric arena," then shows off these glowing beauties in action. From purple and green to orange and blue, it looks like these special bikes will have a bunch of options to choose from, with rider suites that match.

The official names for the new rides is "Shotaro Light Bike," but, c'mon, we all know what they're supposed to be. But the GTA series has always been partially about parody and, let's face it, if you're going to pull in a vehicle from pop culture, the light cycles are an obvious choice.

Just like in Tron, the bikes leave a colorful trail in their wake. Also just like in Tron, slamming into those light trails is deadly for the other riders. Think of it as a competitive game of that PC classic, Snake, and you've got the idea.

The new bikes seem agile as hell, but they don't quite emulate the 90 degree turns seen in the movies. It also looks like they can hop around a bit, giving folks with fast reflexes a chance to dodge the deadly trails of their opponents.

And in case you're already tired of waiting for the Deadline update, the good news is that it's available right now for Grand Theft Auto V across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. To get in on the action, just head to the Adversary Mode and select a round of Deadline.

According to the announcement, trying out the new game mode will unlock the bike at the Legendary Motorsport shop in Los Santos. Head on over to the shop and you'll be able to drop some in-game currency on your new toy. Also, for a limited time, players who grab one of the bikes will also have a free t-shirt with the Nagasaki logo added to their closet.

As for the Deadline mode, it's a four-player free-for-all where the objective is to be the last bike still running. While trying to outmaneuver your GTA rivals, you'll also be able to grab some match power-ups, including a boost for your speed, an item that slows down time for more precise movements and the leap mentioned above.