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Arkane Studios and Bethesda released Dishonored 2 today, and people who have already preloaded the game have been playing it on PC only to discover that the game is having some major problems when it comes to the performance.

The original tweet above was posted by user Th3Frost3 and co-creative director on Dishonored 2, Harvey Smith, was quick to respond on Twitter and offer a little bit of feedback to let gamers know that they were investigating the problems on PC.

When you're running a GTX 1070 on an Intel i7 4GHz rig with 16GB of RAM at 1080p and 60Hz, something is wrong if a game like Dishonored 2 isn't performing well.

The specs on that rig are basically one card type away from being pure top of the line, and it's designed to run games on low-to-mid specs at 4K, so there's no way in the world a GTX 1070 should be having trouble running Dishonored 2 at only 1080p.

The Twitter thread also brings up the issue of crashes... it's not very frequent but some people are saying that the game crashes before they can even get past the loading screen. The Dishonored 2 official Twitter account chimed in to let people know to offer details of the crashes to the official Bethesda support group so they can investigate the problem.

According to Polygon, even people with an Nvidia GTX 1080, arguably one of the best cards on the market at the moment, were having trouble running the game and that they were dealing with Dishonored 2 "chugging" along every two seconds or so. One user specifically noted that the task manager showed that the priority kept dropping to low and the stuttering would start, going from anywhere as high as 120fps down to less than 50fps.

The Polygon article points out that one of the consistent traits mentioned is that the TXAA anti-aliasing feature may be to blame, especially given that a GTX 1080 can breeze through most games on medium to high settings at 4K, so there's no way it should be "chugging" a game like Dishonored 2 at only 1080p, which is four times less demanding than 4K.

The article states that some users who specifically turned on TXAA even while all the graphics settings were set to low, the game still stuttered along. So if you're having specific problems with the stuttering you might want to try disabling TXAA for now, or until Arkane Studios can get a patch out for the game.

Speaking of patches, a lot of people were wondering exactly what was going on with the day-one patch for the PS4 and Xbox One and why PC gamers didn't get the 9GB patch? Well, according to Harvey Smith the home console patches were already included in the day-one release of the PC game since PC patches don't have to go through as rigorous a process when it comes to certifying patches, so it was already bundled into the digital release of the game.

Once they pinpoint the problem and find a way to isolate it for a proper solution, expect the patch to go out soon thereafter. Dishonored 2 is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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