Battlefield 1 appears to have become a hit with gamers and critics alike. It's a solid first-person shooter, but the real accomplishment is how much it does differently. Much of that is due to the setting that it placed itself in. World War I is often overlooked due to its larger, and slightly more recent, brother. However, making this outside the box change appears to have worked for them.

While it could be easy for EA and Dice to make the decision to go looking for a new place to play in the next Battlefield title, what they've actually done with Battlefield 1 is create a solid introduction to an era that needs a deeper examination. While there will certainly be a time when the series will need to move on to something else, there's absolutely some value in following up Battlefield 1 with more stories from "the war to end all wars."

Nobody Else Is Going To Touch It

By getting there first, Battlefield I has staked a claim on this part of history. EA's major competitor Call of Duty, has been moving forward in time instead of back, and as such they've been getting some (unfavorable) comparisons to Halo. If CoD or anybody else for that matter, made a WWI game now, they'll only be accused of trying to copy Battlefield 1. The entire era is there for the exploring and it will be a long time before we see another game set in this time period unless these people make it happen.

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