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Folks who have been waiting to enjoy the horrors of free-floating in space via the planned launch of Adr1ft on Xbox One might want to stop holding their breath, as it has recently been confirmed as canceled for Microsoft's home console.

As is more frequently becoming the case these days, this news comes to us from an offhand tweet from the game's creator, Adam Orth, rather than an actual announcement. When a Twitter user tweeted that they had recently pre-ordered Adr1ft for the Xbox One and stated how excited they were for the game, Orth quickly told the fan that they had better get their money back with a quickness.

Sadly, no other information or explanation was offered, just Orth's statement that anyone who has pre-ordered the game on Xbox One should demand a refund since the title is no longer planned for arrival on the platform.

Earlier this year, Adr1ft launched on both the PC and PlayStation 4. While it's clearly meant to be played on a VR headset, as is the case with its PC version, the PS4 version is mysteriously lacking support for the PlayStation VR. Still, you could play the game in standard format on the PS4 and, presumably, that was the plan for the Xbox One version of the game. And up until today, we were under the impression that that was still the plan.

Coming from the team at Three One Zero and being published by 505 Games, the game's reviews have been pretty mediocre so far. Following the thread of conversation after Orth's claim that the Xbox One version has been canceled, a lot of folks are speculating that the game's reception on PS4 and PC may be the cause for it being canned for yet another platform. Still, without word from the developer or publisher, all anyone can do is speculate at this point.

So, again, if you have Adr1ft pre-ordered for the Xbox One, you might want to make with getting your refund ASAP. We're sure that some retailers still have it posted and there's always the chance that someone might be trying to earn a quick buck by selling a game that is no longer planned for release. As for the cancellation, we'd certainly be interested in hearing the full story from Orth or anyone at 505. We gave Orth's Twitter feed a quick scan, just in case he offered up some additional details, and all we're coming up with are some comments about the election and a whole bunch of images of up-close xenomorphs in Alien: Isolation.

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