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Let it never be said that Dishonored 2 is lacking in variety. One crafty player has decided to show off the game's creative opportunities in an especially violent fashion, putting together a video highlighting nearly 100 ways to kill just one guy.

The above video comes to us from Youtube user Cosmic Contrarian, who is clearly having a heck of a lot of fun mastering Dishonored 2's suite of tools for traversing its levels and killing its baddies. Playing as both Corvo and Emily, Cosmic doesn't take the easy route here and show off interesting ways of dispatching a bunch of different baddies. No, instead, he decided to target just one guy, Kirin Jindosh.

To be fair, if you're going to make an encyclopedia out of ways to kill enemies in Dishonored 2, then Kirin Jindosh is definitely the guy to target. He lives in a clockwork mansion that's positively filled with his own inventions, giving the player more toys than ever to play with when it comes to causing some real mayhem. Your options "in the wild" may be more limited than what's on display here, but at least Cosmic's smorgasbord of death will give you some fresh ideas.

Coming in at just under 18 minutes in length, this video from Cosmic Contrarian starts off kind of slow, introducing the viewer to Jindosh and his magical mansion. Once the first few kills are logged, though, the whole thing starts to move with a quickness, demonstrating 80 ways to ruin Jindosh's day using Corvo and Emily's powers, as well as the building's many death traps.

Again, we knew that Dishonored 2 offered a lot of interesting ways to carry out kills, but this collection of mischievous murder has given us cause to rethink the way we're using some of those abilities and, more importantly, how they can be used or chained in more interesting ways.

This whole thing gave me flashbacks to one of my all-time favorite cult series, Deception. The Deception series tasks the player with creating a clever series of traps and triggering them at just the right time in order to take out enemies. But no matter how clever I thought I was being, there was always someone like Cosmic Contrarian out there, ready with a video to prove what the big leagues look like compared to my T-ball attempts.

Assuming you've already taken the time to get through all 80 of those Dishonored 2 kills, were there any moments that really stood out in your mind? Any new combinations you plan on trying yourself? Or maybe you've done something equally wild that wasn't covered in Cosmic's video. Drop the details in the comments section below.

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