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For anyone who keeps track of video game news, this bit of news is completely expected and totally not surprising. For everyone else out there who doesn't follow gaming, the big news is that one of the most popular new franchises to make it big at the box office will now get its official Telltale tie-in.

The trailer premiered during this year's 2016 Game Awards show hosted by Geoff Keighley but you can find the full teaser available on the official Telltale Games YouTube channel. It starts with a giant mix tape flying in space, trapped within the confines of an old cassette player with headphones. The walkman floats away as Toploader's "Dancin' in the Moonlight" begins blaring with the title of Guardians of the Galaxy:The Telltale Series.

The trailer announces that the new game series will feature five episodes and they will be released soon across PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and both iOS and Android devices.

They don't roll out an official release date for the five part series, but the "coming soon" seems to indicate that it's... coming soon.

Telltale definitely have their hands full, especially with Batman: The Telltale Series wrapping up at some point this year and with The Walking Dead: Season 3 set to drop, I'm curious where The Guardians of the Galaxy will fit within that slate? According to the Telltale blog the first episode will drop during the early parts of 2017.

There are absolutely no details on what the adventure will entail but they do mention that players will take control of the ragtag band of heroes and will "pilot" their adventure across the galaxy.

For some reason, I can't help but think about Tales From The Borderlands. A sci-fi adventure with a few close calls and an uneasy group of heroes who have to save the world? Seems to fit the bill.

The major difference is that Tales From The Borderlands didn't have any characters on their team who were quite as badass as the team from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Much like the other games that Telltale have been releasing recently, the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will feature both physical and digital releases. They plan on giving gamers the option to pick up a physical copy of the first episode and the other four episodes will be available as digital downloads when they become available at a later date.

With The Walking Dead: Season 3 prepping to go live later in the month, I wonder if it will have any effect on the sales of Guardians of the Galaxy? I guess we'll find out when the final episode of Batman goes live, the first two episodes of The Walking Dead launch and then the sci-fi comedic adventure goes live shortly after that in the early parts of 2017.

If it turns out to be popular enough it just might end up getting a second season like some of Telltale's other popular titles.

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