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We hope you're in the mood for a Christmas slay and, no, that's not a misspelling. Hitman is getting in the holiday spirit next week, raising funds for charity while offering up a new mission that harkens back to a movie many folks break out this time of year.

Home Alone is a Christmas classic, the story of a young lad who must fend off some would-be burglars after being abandoned by his family during the holidays. To do this, the boy utilizes all sorts of nasty traps and mean tricks, making it impossible for those criminals to get their hands on the loot.

Starting Dec. 13, you'll be able to take on the role of Kevin McAlister (sort of) in the latest update to come our way in Hitman. As Agent 47, you'll be tasked with keeping a pair of criminals from stealing holiday presents, though your means will be decidedly more violent than anything seen in the Home Alone movies.

This is actually a free mission that will be made available on all platforms, taking place on a rebuilt version of the Paris map and featuring Christmas trees, snow, plenty of decorations and more. It's called "Holiday Hoarders" and, again, it's free to all comers.

However, if you're feeling in the giving spirit, then you can throw a donation toward the World Cancer Research Fund. The Hitman team has partnered with the organization for this promotion, giving players a gift in the hopes that they will give one in return. While a donation isn't mandatory, those of you who feel like chipping in can do so by going to the following link.

As for the retooled Paris map, it certainly looks like a lot of work has gone into sprucing the place up for the holidays. It looks like you'll be able to procure a Santa Claus outfit early on, which is equal parts perfect and morbid given what you'll be doing in said outfit.

It appears that a big, fancy party of some sort is going on in the mansion, which is when those baddies decide to sneak in and make their way toward the presents. As with every mission in the new Hitman game, you'll have free reign to grab whatever tools you think are necessary and dispatch your enemies before they have the chance to ruin Christmas.

Of course, what would Christmas be without presents? This new Hitman mission is full of them and, if you get to them before the bad guys, you can open them and use what's inside, however you see fit. We imagine that will lead to some jolly violence.

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