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Alan Wake

Recently, Remedy Entertainment teased the gaming community with an announcement for a brand new game. The new title hasn't officially been revealed yet, but Remedy did announce when they will provide us with an update on their projects.

The tweet above was posted to Thomas Puha's Twitter account, the head of communications at Remedy Entertainment.

Unfortunately, we won't actually get game reveals until much closer to launch, according to a separate tweet from Puha.

So apparently they're going to tease progress updates or potentially engine information leading up to the actual reveal of the game(s)? Or at least we can hope.

The studio is currently working on Crossfire 2 for Smilegate and their other, secret, project must be something completely different. One of the prototypes for their project is currently being moseyed around to get picked up by publishers, and that the actual design of the game is far, far off from release.

It's not surprising that they would be very early on in development of their next big project given that they just wrapped up Quantum Break earlier this year. The likelihood of them having another game ready for release in 2017 is completely slim, which is why they seem to be reiterating that the project is far off from release and still early on.

What's odd, however, is that they seem to be working hard to build hype for a project that isn't going to be released anytime soon.

Usually if a developer has a cool game they want to share with the world, they do so when there's at least a playable alpha made. This gives them a bit of gameplay to work with and show off during the promotional trailers, as well as afford gamers an opportunity to see what the finished product will be targeting, visually, thematically and mechanically.

In this case, Remedy Entertainment has plans on updating fans about their project but not actually revealing it, just before December is out.

Given Remedy's penchant for story-oriented fanfare, such as Quantum Break, Max Payne and Alan Wake, it wouldn't be surprising if their next project is another third-person, story-oriented action game. It seems to be their forte.

A lot of fans are hoping that the next project will be a sequel to Alan Wake given that the game left off on a pretty big cliffhanger and they really wanted some kind of resolution to the title. Well, if it is a sequel to Alan Wake it sounds like it won't be published by Microsoft this time around... if it's true that they're shopping a prototype around to different publishers.

Of course, some people have been hoping that it's a Max Payne sequel. However, the IP belongs to Rockstar Games and there's no way that Remedy could be shopping a prototype around to different publishers if the IP belongs to Rockstar.

Right now I have no idea what they're working on but we'll have a better idea later on in December.

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