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It's been a huge year for Overwatch, but it sounds like the developers are only just getting started with the hugely popular class-based FPS. In a recent year in review wrap for 2016, the team at Blizzard has teased more maps and heroes will be coming in 2017.

We're working on multiple new heroes. I always like to give the disclaimer that we tend to work on more content than we release because we prototype stuff and sometimes it fails or we don't like it or we want to go back to the drawing board.

Over on the Overwatch Youtube channel, game director Jeff Kaplan has decided to recap the game's first big year on the market, as well as paint a picture of the road ahead. That road, of course, looks to be leading to some new playable characters and new places to go to war in Overwatch.

That should come as no surprise to fans of Overwatch, as one of the major hooks of the game is giving players a large, diverse cast of characters to choose from and big, colorful maps to play on. Considering the fact that Blizzard has hosted many successful promotional events over the course of 2016, we wouldn't be surprised to see even more fun modes get dropped into the game throughout 2017. Heck, the studio is known for going big, so we really wouldn't be surprised if they've got a few major surprises up their sleeve for some time in the next year.

Believe it or not, only a couple of major characters were released in 2016, including Ana and Sombra. Kaplan talks about what the team learned from creating and launching those characters, which will probably fuel even better launches next year.

Other items Kaplan goes over for Overwatch are customization for the communication and spray wheels, as well as features that will encourage team chat in order to make the game a bit more cooperative when you're playing with randos.

Toward the end of the year in review chat, Kaplan gives the smallest of details concerning new characters and maps before diving into the fact that the team is working on an improved spectator mode that should help catapult the game further up the esports ladder.

If you're a fan of Overwatch, there are worse ways you can spend 12 minutes of your time than giving the full thing a gander.

And that'll about do it for one of this year's biggest breakout hits. I think we all hoped that Overwatch would be a big hit, but I'm not sure many folks expected Blizzard to knock it this far out of the park. If you've got some end-of-year thoughts on Overwatch, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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