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GTA Online

Rockstar dropped a new update over the weekend for GTA V in celebration of the Christmas holiday, giving residents of Los Santos plenty to experience in the snowy southern regions of the city.

Over on the official Rockstar Games website, they roll out some of the new content added to the GTA Online portion of the game, including adding snowy elements to Los Santos so it mimics the early opening of the game's story mode where gamers performed the heist in North Yankton. With the snow also comes the ability to participate in snowball fights again, something that Rockstar has been doing with GTA Online during the Christmas season.

They didn't just throw in snow to give the city a visual overhaul, they also lobbed in a new vehicle as well, a custom Pfister Comet. The Benny's customs will allow you to overhaul the Comet into a "gritty urban dragster". Turning the Comet into a low-rider is GTA Online's way of giving gamers a way to take a vehicle like the Porsche and deck it out with aftermarket tuner parts, which has so far only really been possible in EA's Need For Speed games due to the exclusive license with the car manufacturer.

Anyway, they've also added a new Adversary mode in the form of Juggernaut. This sees a competitor on each team decked out in heavy armor with heavy weapons. The objective is for opposing teams to take out the other Juggernaut. Winning the match is pretty easy: your Juggernaut simply needs to survive or your opponent's Juggernaut needs to die. In order to seed players into the mode to keep it full for matchmaking purposes, Rockstar has enabled double RP and double the money for playing GTA Online's newest mode.

In addition to the new vehicle customization and Adversary mode, they're also handing out free Christmas goodies in the form of various items for those who log into and play GTA Online over the weekend, including a unicorn mask, blue or white pajamas, a fireworks launcher with ammo, 200 extra rounds of carbine rifle ammo, a marksman rifle with 200 rounds of free ammo, knuckle dusters and a full set of explosives.

Rockstar has been consistently updating GTA Online with all sorts of new stuff. Many gamers enjoy the new content in the multiplayer mode but -- in a manner equal to the updates -- complained consistently about the fact that these updates aren't available in the single-player portion of the game. It's a real shame for people who aren't fond of playing online because it essentially means they're stuck with what was left in the single-player portion of the game since launch. Modders on PC have opened up these multiplayer add-ons for PC gamers to play and enjoy in the single-player portion of the game, but they also have to deal with profile bans and other similar issues.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy playing online and you really want to get in on the limited time Christmas event in GTA Online, be sure to download the update and join in on the festivities through the weekend.