It's been a big year for Microsoft and their game console. While the Xbox has been struggling against the PlayStation 4 since launch, 2016 saw them make some serious headway. They have a long way to go to be sure, but forward momentum is a good thing for gamers in general. Though along with several steps forward, there were also a couple steps back. Here's a look and the major wins, and the epic fails, of Microsoft and the Xbox One in 2016

Win: Games Anywhere

While Microsoft only has a fraction of the console market with the Xbox One, they essentially own the PC business thanks to their operating system. At this point, pretty much everybody has Windows 10, whether they like it or not. The good news for gamers is that by leveraging that side of the business Microsoft has been able to provide more value to players. This year they launched Play Anywhere, a system by which gamers who purchase the PC or Xbox One version of certain games, get the other version for free. Anything that makes gaming more flexible for the player is a good thing.

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