New Video Reveals A Canceled Halo Mega Bloks Game

You may have remembered a short while ago that it was revealed that Halo never received a Lego brick set, but the brand was licensed to Mega Bloks. Well, it turns out that there was supposedly a Mega Bloks game based on Halo that was in the works, and some new video footage reveals the canceled game.

The footage was posted up by YouTube outlet PtoPOnline, who has become renown for publicly posting footage of canceled games or alpha footage of titles that ended up turning into vaporware. The footage consists of some gameplay and it showcases a title that was supposedly in the works by the now defunct development studio N-Space.

The game worked under a prototype known as Haggar, not to be confused with Mike Haggar from Capcom's Final Fight series. The game was supposedly in development between early 2013 and late 2013. The game was running on the Unreal Engine 3, and was a third-person shooter and platformer for the Xbox 360.

The game actually looks pretty good, and featured all of the weapons and enemies from the mainline Halo series, just in chibi format and without the blood. Weapons like the Needler, assault rifle and plasma pistol were included, along with accessories like the shield.

Given that the game was designed with the theme of Mega Bloks, it meant that players could construct turrets or other structures after collecting blocks. It's similar to the Lego games, however, before being able to build modular structures, you would have to acquire blueprints. It also featured customized vehicles from the main Halo series, including the Warthog, Scorpion and Banshee.

A split-screen mode was also planned for release, along with a Besieged Mode, which was similar to the Horde Mode in the Gears of War games.

There's no real reason for its cancellation given, but the video speculates that it may have been due to the game only being in development for the Xbox 360, when, at the time, Microsoft was pushing for the Xbox One. It could have also been due to something going on internally at N-Space, but we can't really know for sure. It is surprising to see such a high-quality title from N-Space, though. The little vertical slice is far more polished than what I was expecting.

You might remember N-Space Studios from such titles as Tron Evolution: Battlegrounds on the Wii, a smaller and less thrilling version of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC version of Tron Evolution. They also worked on the Gamecube exclusive, Geist, which was kind of a stealth, puzzle, first-person action game that was a mix of Half-Life and Splinter Cell.

The studio was most renown for their ports of Call of Duty games to smaller platforms, or working as a port-house for AAA games. N-Space apparently closed up shop back in the spring of 2016, well after the Halo Mega Bloks game was canceled. It's kind of a shame, because this would have been a nice departure from the first-person titles and would have really tapped into the market for young kids with a fascination for the Halo franchise. Maybe Microsoft will polish up what N-Space completed and finish the game and release it at some point in the future for the Xbox One or Xbox Scorpio? I guess we'll never really know unless it actually happens.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.