Mass Effect: Andromeda

EA Access continues to improve with a special limited play session for Mass Effect: Andromeda before the game launches. And thanks to a recent update, we now know exactly when that first trek into a new galaxy can begin.

If you are a subscriber to EA Access on the Xbox One, then you can be one of the first people to play Mass Effect: Andromeda starting March 16. That's a week before the game launches across all platforms on March 21 here in the States and March 23 in Europe. According to an update from Gamesradar, though, you'll be limited to just 10 hours of playtime during that early session.

So it looks like EA wants to give Access subscribers an extra perk for signing up, but they also don't want to give anyone the chance to complete Andromeda and potentially start flooding the internet with spoilers. We can't say that we blame them. So if you are an Access member gaming on the Xbox One, you'll want to get to playing the latest Mass Effect with a quickness. While some folks will likely blow through those 10 hours in a single day, some of us take a bit longer to get rolling in a new RPG. Heck, there are probably some folks out there who will spend those first 10 hours just perfecting their in-game avatar, never mind assembling a team and kicking alien butt. As for those who blaze through their limited time, just remember that, no matter where you leave off, you've got to make it to March 21 before you can continue, so maybe pacing yourself and playing a few hours a day is a better option. But hey, you do you.

What's extra nice about this 10-hour play session with Andromeda is that your progress will, of course, transfer over to the full game. Since we're only talking about a save file, we imagine that the EA Access progress will continue with you whether you decide to play Mass Effect digital or go pick up the physical version of the game once it launches.

Honestly, that's not a bad little perk to go along with that EA Access plan. The subscription service exclusive to the Xbox One offers unlimited access to many of its games, including the recently added Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. And then there are all of those sports games EA is so fond of. According to the original announcement, upcoming titles include Skate 3, NFL 17 and even Zuma's Revenge. Not a bad mix.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on taking advantage of this Andromeda promotion and, if so, whether you plan on doing a slow burn to launch or shotgunning it all at once.

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