If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to ride a roller coaster through the Death Star (and who hasn't wondered that?) then you might want to check out this latest creation from Planet Coaster, which takes players on a tour of the galaxy's most deadly attraction.

This latest in-game creation comes to us from YouTube user Chuck Maurice, who decided to base their Planet Coaster park after the Death Star from Star Wars. Although it's probably not the safest idea to build a theme park on a location with such an obvious safety hazard.

Maurice has been working on this project for a while now, but says in the video's description that this is its final form. He admits there are some glitches here and there that he can't do anything about, but we'd say it came out pretty great overall.

As an added bonus, he includes a link to the creation's Workshop build in the description so, if you have Planet Coaster and want to visit the Death Star yourself, you're just a couple of clicks away. Maurice obviously packed a lot into this ride, with little details peppered all over the place. He states that he had to take it easy on some effects, and additional things he wanted to add since the creation had hit its limit and was starting to lag.

Still, this is pretty-damn-impressive considering how much of it had to be built piece by piece from scratch. If nothing else, it speaks volumes for the suite of tools on offer in games like Planet Coaster, giving folks the opportunity to create just about anything they can imagine. Or, in this case, something George Lucas imagined and Maurice decided to pay homage to.

For the first couple of minutes, we're treated to a bunch of shots of the various sectors of the Death Star, fully operational. At about the two-minute mark, we're dropped into the coaster and taken on a ride through the facility.

You're sent out "on a mission" and begin by warping through space with a pretty rad set of effects thanks to speeding past white lights that look like stars. After taking a trip through Star Wars' most iconic space fight, the coaster takes a trip inside of the hulking Death Star for more twists, turns and explosions.

Exiting the Death Star's interior, we're taken on a final bombing run through a valley in the structure that any fan of the Star Wars movies will recognize. With the mission complete, we fly past a few asteroids and head back into warp for a return home. Yeah, it's a pretty impressive coaster and it's got us wanting to see even more from Maurice and those other players of Planet Coaster who are going above and beyond with their designs.

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