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Another game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch library, and it has a lot in common with one of the system's launch titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Get ready to go on another bright and colorful fantasy adventure as FDG Entertainment confirms that Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is Switch-bound.

This news comes to us via GameSpot, who picked up on a Tweet from Oceanhorn's developer concerning the game's future. When asked directly if the game will be heading to the Switch, the developer wasted no time in confirming.

While we know it is slated to arrive this year, no date beyond 2017 has been offered for the launch of Oceanhorn. Honestly, with Breath of the Wild launching with the console on March 3, we wouldn't mind a bit of breathing room between the two games since they are pretty similar. Oceanhorn is an unquestionable homage to the classic Nintendo series, with its most obvious influence being Windwaker.

In Oceanhorn, a youngster bearing a sword and shield jumps into a tiny boat and goes on a quest to discover some ancient artifacts said to possess the power of the gods. By doing this, he hopes to discover what happened to his father, a man who disappeared one night, never to be heard from again.

In motion, the game is very reminiscent of classic Zelda titles, and we mean that as a compliment. The sailing looks great and the world is just nice to look at. The combat is similar to the Zelda series, with the player learning new abilities that will help them fight baddies, tackle bosses and solve puzzles.

While Oceanhorn has been out for a while on the PC, it's received heaps of praise from both critics and players, so nothing wrong with wearing your inspirations on your sleeve if said sleeve is dressing up a fantastic game.

In 2016, the developer announced that Oceanhorn has crossed the 1 million mark and that the studio was working on a version of the game for a Nintendo platform. Since we now know that the Wii U is officially dead, it makes sense that FDG was talking about the Switch. When asked if that was the case, they just went ahead and confirmed it.

We're happy to see smaller studios are being drawn to the Switch, as those are the games that will likely keep us coming back for more as AAA developers figure out what their game plan is. And from top to bottom, Oceanhorn seems like a perfect fit on a Nintendo console.

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