Mass Effect: Andromeda Reveals Crossplay And PC Plans

Mass Effect: Andromeda

It's hard to believe, but Mass Effect: Andromeda is due out in just a couple of months. In anticipation, BioWare is sharing all sorts of additional details concerning the game, including info on Andromeda's crossplay functionality and PC features.

Over on DualSHockers, they've pulled together quite a bit of information concerning Mass Effect: Andromeda, all pulled from a series of tweets coming from the BioWare team including Producers Fernando Melo and Michael Gamble, General Manager Aaryn Flynn and Lead Designer Ian Frazier. Among other details, this gaggle of game developers have confirmed a couple of key pieces of information for the next game in the Mass Effect universe, including the fact that there will be no cross-platform functionality for multiplayer, as well as no framerate cap on PC.

We're sure BioWare will eventually address all of this in an official press release or announcement for Andromeda but, until then, their team is certainly offering all sorts of useful tidbits. For instance, along with the fact that there will be no cross-play support for Andromeda's multiplayer, the collection of tweets also confirms that, like with Mass Effect 2, the new game's multiplayer features will be handled on a peer-to-peer basis. Neither of those items are really shockers, but it's still nice to have them confirmed several weeks before the game's March 21 launch date. While crossplay would have been rad, we weren't exactly expecting BioWare to open the game up so that, say, PlayStation 4 folks could hang out with their friends who game on the PC. Also, given the nature of the game's online functionality (not a big multiplayer shooter), we were kind of expecting the devs to stick with peer-to-peer.

All of those tweets also include a nice note about PC gamers with high-end machines. The PC version of Andromeda will have an uncapped frame rate so, if you've got a beefy machine, get ready to watch it sing.

Interestingly, one thing the developers still refuse to discuss in great detail is romance options in Andromeda. One of the more recent trailers certainly make it look like romance is in the cards, but BioWare is keeping a zipped lip concerning players' options. Our guess is that one of the bullets on the back of the box will be "Sex with any alien, anywhere," but maybe that's expecting too much.

Also on offer were a few details concerning the playable siblings. There won't be a bunch of pre-recorded name options, so you'll only hear your actual name if you stick with the presets of Scott and Sara. Also, you won't be able to rename your sibling, which we imagine is intended to keep the voice acting in cutscenes a little less complicated.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.