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Need for Speed

For those of you who feel the need for speed, you're in luck. According to a recent announcement from Electronic Arts, the beloved Need for Speed driving series is set to make a triumphant return on a console near you. Eventually.

According to a recent report from Polygon, Electronic Arts is gearing up to launch a new Need for Speed game sometime at or before March 2018. Sure, that's a full year away at this point but, with so few driving games making it to modern consoles, it's nice to hear that a new, beefy AAA model is racing to the showroom floor.

EA tried to reboot the Need for Speed series back in 2015, but lukewarm critical and fan reception sidelined the series pretty hard. There was also a Need for Speed film a year earlier that, let's face it, didn't exactly boost the IP's popularity.

This announcement originated from a report from EA to investors, with CEO Andrew Wilson saying that the title will feature a focus on online competitive play. That makes a lot of sense, given the fact that it's tough to offer a compelling single player campaign in this particular genre. With game machines shifting more and more focus online, it's no surprise that EA would want their next Need for Speed title to be all about going fast and earning bragging rights amidst the online community.

To be clear, despite the Need for Speed title and online focus, this upcoming game in the main series should not be confused with Need for Speed: Edge, the free-to-play online game currently in development at EA Spearhead. That particular game is set to be an evolution of Need for Speed: Rivals, which arrived back in 2013. So whether you want to race gratis or pay for a fully-fledged game, it looks like the Need for Speed series will have you covered in the coming years.

Sadly, other than a launch window of EA's fiscal year, which ends in March 2018, we don't really have any other details at this time. No word on a title for the game or what that online ecosystem will look like. But with a couple of big game conventions on the horizon, we expect to hear even more info in the coming months. We figure E3 2017 would be just about perfect timing to do a big, formal reveal for a game due out early next year.

So what do you readers think? Is it time for a new Need for Speed game, particularly one that has a focus on online play? What types of features would you like to see in the final game? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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