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We knew that Akuma was coming to Street Fighter V later this month, but it looks like he won't be making that journey alone. The folks over at Capcom have announced another brawler will be joining the roster, and she's cold as ice.

That's right, folks, Kolin will be making her way to Street Fighter V, joining the beloved Akuma on Feb. 28. And judging by her move set, she could probably give Elsa a decent challenge for the Snow Queen crown.

This Russian pugilist hits the stage all bundled up, but it's her opponents who need to be on the lookout for frigid weather. Kolin looks to have some pretty powerful combos in her repertoire, with a few flourishes of snowy goodness trailing behind the occasional kick or punch. She'll also grab you in a flying armbar, which doesn't seem like a very happy experience for the person on the receiving end.

While she isn't exactly Sub-Zero, Kolin does include additional ice features in some of her moves. She can make a snowball fall out of the air, and even create a snowy platform on which she may perform a double jump. For the big finish, she can kick a trail of ice at her opponents to knock them back, and even finish everything off with shards of ice to blast them while they're flailing through the air.

The trailer ends with a quick look at Kolin's duds, including her standard story costume, a "battle costume" that makes it look like she's ready for underwater covert ops, as well as a "nostalgia costume" that longtime fans of Street Fighter should enjoy. You see, this ain't Kolin's first rodeo. She first appeared in Stree Fighter III: New Generation as a background character. She was an agent of the Illuminati in that game, used in some brief scenes. Her nostalgia costume reverts back to those days of suit and tie.

So now that we know Kolin is coming to Street Fighter V, we're pretty curious to learn who else will make the cut. As we said, she'll be arriving alongside Akuma on Feb. 28. The Season 2 Character Pass includes another four fighters to be released sometime this year. The cool part is that, unlike these blasts from the past, they'll be brand new characters for the Street Fighter series. In other words, there's little point in speculation, as they should be a surprise to pretty much everyone.

Of course, we're always open to hearing what our readers think about the latest news. Are you excited to see Kolin joining the roster, or did you have your heart set on someone else? What about that move set? Does she look like your next main? Let us know in the comments below.

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