The Sega Dreamcast 2 Wants To Answer PC Gamers' Wishes

There's a possibility of a new console coming from Sega. That sounds like a pipe dream and something far off from reality, but it's actually the truth. There's a project making a lot of headway called “Project Dream”, which is aimed at bringing a PC-style Dreamcast 2 console to the market.

According to The Gaming Ground, Patrick Lawsen, a member of the Sega Dreamcast 2 super group aimed at reviving the Dreamcast brand with the help of some Sega of Japan interns and independent OEM designers, has been making some serious progress with the project.

According to Lawson there's a lot of potential for a new Sega console, stating...

I’m truly excited about the Crowdfunded prospect for SEGA RingEdge Zero/RingWide Elite. […] If we can get just a million backers worldwide, our upcoming KS could be funded in record time and with SEGA licensing it could have it out on the market in less than a year![...] SEGA should be unveiling some new Arcade hardware at AOU in February [2016]. We have [Sega of Japan] interns involved. They will present the ideas to SEGA of Japan next Quarter. SEGA will revive its old IPs.

What Lawsen and the rest of the group want to do is bring a competitively priced PC rig to the market that can run Sega's old and new games alike. The plan is that it will be a direct competitor to things like the Steam Machines or dedicated gaming rigs offered by companies like Cyberpower and Alienware.

The device will run an Intel Core i5 Haswell and will be designed to play Sega games right off the hard drive after being digitally installed. The point of the system will be to play old and new Sega titles on HDMI compatible devices with HD upscaling capabilities.

The whole point is to put Sega back into the running as a viable console competitor. The system will have a similar shell as the original Dreamcast but modified and updated for today's standards. A mock-up is what's in the main image of this article. The system will also have a wireless controller, just like the Xbox One and PS4 or the Wii U's Pro Controllers.

This all originally kicked off with a petition on from a certain Ben Plato from Melbourne, Australia, which managed to accrue more than 22,000 signatures for Sega to release a new Dreamcast that can play Sega's illustrious library of games. It picked up enough steam over the months that started attracting serious attention, and Lawsen and the rest of the group working to revive the Dreamcast 2 got involved and are now taking things directly to Sega of Japan. From there they plan to host the Kickstarter to get the hardware and designs finalized. The idea that a new console could be out by the end of 2016 almost sends chills down my spine.

At first it looked like a real long shot but with Lawsen and the rest of the group going directly to Sega of Japan and with so much support from the community wanting to see a new Dreamcast on the market, I'm curious to see how this will turn out.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.