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The PS4 Pro Update For Final Fantasy XV Apparently Has Issues

Noctis and companions relax in Final Fantasy 15

When Square Enix announced they would eventually bring a PlayStation 4 Pro patch to Final Fantasy XV, fans were excited for the visual and performance enhancements that would come in tow. Now that the update is live, though, it sounds like folks aren't quite so excited for the final result.

Square Enix recently released Update 1.05 for Final Fantasy XV, three months after the game first arrived on home consoles. If you're gaming on the Xbox One or a standard PlayStation 4, then you won't notice any changes in the game. If you're gaming on a PlayStation 4 Pro, however, the update was intended to make the game look better than ever.

Based on what we're hearing around the web and on social media, however, the update was more of a downgrade for FFXV than an improvement. As Eurogamer is reporting, no matter which setting you're using on the PS4 Pro, technical issues turn the game into a visual mess from time to time.

If you're playing FFXV on a standard PS4 or Xbox One, you've got two visual options available, including "lite" and "high." As you might have guessed, the lite setting keeps the game at 1080p, with the trade-off being that all of that lovely scenery and those rad effects are pretty much locked at a steady 30 frames per second. If you ran the game on high, you'd be boosting your visuals to 1800p, but the result was a less fluid and consistent presentation.

With update 1.05, your visual options in Final Fantasy XV are the same as they've always been, but now they behave slightly differently on the PS4 Pro. Whether you're playing on lite or high, though, the update basically forces the game to run without a capped 30 frames per second. According to the initial report, frame pacing is an issue no matter which route you go, meaning that the game doesn't look quite as smooth as either option on a standard PS4 or the Xbox One.

In other words, update 1.05 was supposed to make FFXV look better than ever on the PS4 Pro and, instead, it's now the least appealing option for gamers with a discerning eye.

We imagine that's pretty frustrating for folks gaming on the Pro, as they currently have no way to go back to a consistent framerate in the game. Still, Square Enix isn't likely to just leave things as they are with so many folks expressing distaste for the new settings, so we anticipate they'll offer a fix in the near future.

As for our readers, are any of you playing Final Fantasy XV on the Pro? If so, do these findings match up with your own experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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