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It's finally here! No, not the game, the launch trailer. BioWare and EA rolled out a snazzy minute long trailer giving gamers a look at the upcoming sci-fi space adventure that spans the story, some of the combat, as well as the characters you'll meet in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Keeping in tradition with the other exclusive Mass Effect: Andromeda promo material that has been released recently, the official launch trailer is up on the Mass Effect YouTube channel, giving gamers a thorough look at the upcoming space-faring adventure.

The trailer starts with a voiceover from Clancy Brown talking about discovering the unknown. We then shift over to what appears to be the council over the Andromeda Initiative talking about the dangers that they're facing, mostly due to the fact that they haven't been able to find a suitable replacement planet for human civilization.

The council for the Andromeda Initiative decide to take a different approach by assigning a Pathfinder to the mission, in hopes that they'll find a suitable space for the humans on the Nexus to reside. And this is where the trailer finally kicks it into high gear.

We see first officer Cora Hunter alongside Scott Ryder walking in, and then we get a montage of Ryder and the rest of the crew flying through the galaxy, engaged in a Mexican standoff, and exploring hostile and uninhabitable planets. We definitely get the impression that the journey to finding a decent home for humans won't be an easy one in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

As a matter of fact, a lot of chatter in the gaming community seems to be comparing BioWare's latest title to that of the older Star Trek series, where it was about exploration and discovery.

The music choice for the trailer is absolutely hilarious, with Rag'n'Bone Man's "Human" blaring in the background. The song's lyrics talk about not putting the blame on him because he's "only human". During the swell of the chorus, we get to see Ryder in all sorts of precarious situations and life or death conundrums.

It's amazing, but this one trailer completely changed the way that Mass Effect: Andromeda has been depicted all these months. I think they did a really sound job of hammering in on a single talking point and giving gamers a reason to care about the mission and the obstacles that the Pathfinder will face during the journey of discovering a new home for humans to inhabit.

The trailer is spot on. The marketing team really knocked it out of the ballpark here. They showed off the basic plot, they introduced some characters, they escalated the tension, and then capped it off on a cliffhanger. Also, I can definitely see a lot of the Star Trek influence when you take look at this particular Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer.

You won't have to wait long for the game, though. It's due for release on March 21st for the PS4, PS4 Pro, PC and Xbox One.

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