The Reward For Collecting All The Korok Seeds In Breath Of The Wild Is Really Awful

A korok dances in breath of the wild

The following contains spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You always run a risk of hunting down collectibles in a big, open-world game that the reward won't be equal to the time and/or effort put in. According to folks who have been scouring The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Korok Seeds, you might just want to save yourself some sanity and skip out on this particular task.

Since what does and does not count as a spoiler in Breath of the Wild is a little fuzzy, we're going to go ahead and tag this bad boy with a big ole warning here from the onset. If you don't want to know what happens when you complete the Korok Seeds hunt, then do yourself a favor and stop reading right here. We'll give you a moment to step away from the computer.

Okay, now that the coast is clear, it's time to talk about the outcome of that Korok Seeds mission. If you're unfamiliar with the objective, this big woodland-spirit-thing named Hestu tasks Link with hunting down a whopping 900 Korok Seeds spread across the map in Breath of the Wild. Even if locating hidden items isn't exactly new to the Zelda series, that number is a bit lofty. You're bound to stumble upon some of them through normal play but, if you want to claim all 900, you're going to need to put in quite a few extra hours just scouring the realms of Hyrule.

That wouldn't be so bad if the player was rewarded for their effort with a sweet item, like maybe a powerful sword that you literally can't accidentally hurl off of a cliff. But it turns out that's not the case.

Twitter user FateAwaits has posted a video showing off what happens when you approach Hestu after adding all 900 damn seeds to your collection. Again, this is your last chance to turn back if you don't actually want to know but, given the outcome, we figure just about everybody playing Breath of the Wild owes it to their free time to give this one a gander.

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So, yeah, once you help all of the Korok children return to Korok Forest, Hestu pokes fun at the fact it should have taken a small army of players to track all of the little buggers down. After that, he gives you "Hestu's Gift," an item that literally looks like a pile of golden crap with a description that reads, "It smells pretty bad."

As you hit landmarks for finding Koroks throughout Breath of the Wild, you'll unlock inventory expansions. This final "gift," though, does absolutely nothing as far as FateAwaits can figure. Someone might stumble upon a use at some point but, at nearly 100 percent completion, FateAwaits doesn't seem super hopeful.

Thanks for the shining pile of crap, Nintendo!

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