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We all knew that Destiny 2 was inbound, but we haven't had any clear info direct from Bungie to signify what, exactly, players can expect out of the highly anticipated sequel. According to a recent tweet from the developer, though, it looks like they're gearing up to break silence.

It shows a lot of confidence when all you have to do to get people excited for your next game is tweet an image with said game's name on it. And that's exactly what Bungie did for the follow-up to Destiny this week.

It's a subtle move, but one that has a very clear message: Bungie is about to pull back the curtain on Destiny 2. Outside of the game's name, we see The Traveler floating in the background, as ominous and mysterious as ever. The original Destiny never really bothered to offer any sort of explanation as to what, exactly, The Traveler actually is, so here's hoping that its real purpose, and maybe some backstory, will be on offer in the follow-up.

Also, maybe I'm reading into things a bit too much, but it looks like the surface of Earth is positively smoldering under The Traveler. Could Destiny 2 begin with the fall of humanity's last city? Maybe this is a look at the last planet The Traveler hovered over? Then again, maybe it's just a bunch of smoke and cinders because smoke and cinders look cool.

The point is, we won't have to ponder these things much longer. While no date came attached with the image, we imagine its sudden arrival is proof enough that Bungie will be holding a full reveal in the not-too-distant future.

That's further evidenced by last week's leak of the Destiny 2 promotional poster. An Italian retailer last week posted an image of a Destiny 2 poster online boasting a Sept. 5 launch date and a beta to occur before the game proper arrives. The poster looks pretty legit and, let's face it, the timing seemed just about right for a reveal. They jumped the gun, though, and we've had no official word from Bungie until today. It's looking likely that the posters were sent out a week early so they could go up the day of the announcement and some excited clerk just couldn't keep themselves from snapping a photo.

These past couple of weeks, though, have been all about the original Destiny from Bungie. They're kicking off an Age of Triumph campaign meant to be a final hoo-rah for the popular online shooter. The team has retooled all of the raids, added in some new missions, given players a whole bunch of achievements to tackle and more. Now that all of those details are out, it makes sense that the next talking point will be the inevitable Destiny 2.

Now all we have to do is wait patiently for something more than an image to finally be revealed.

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