Bungie and Activision have officially announced Destiny 2. They've given gamers a heads-up on the release date and the platforms that it'll be arriving on. They did this by releasing a humorous new trailer for the game, getting gamers all hyped up... but there's still the question of whether the gameplay will be improved or not over the original?

The two minute trailer they revealed on their official site completely avoided showing any actual gameplay, and that leaves us room to speculate on what they'll do when they finally reveal the gameplay and it also leaves us room to talk about what can hopefully be improved from the original Destiny heading into Destiny 2 when it launches this September for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can check out our suggestions below.

No. 5 - Improved AI

This is an absolute necessity here. Bungie made a name to fame with completely revolutionizing how AI worked in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. They had adaptive AI that scaled to the player's skill, giving gamers a highly replayable experience for years to come. Destiny didn't do that. The AI in the original game is extremely stilted and contained. A lot of times they only spawn in a specific area and kind of stay there. Some special raids will give you some slightly different enemy patterns, but most times the AI is situated around arena-style spawns in arena-style environments.

It would be pretty cool if Destiny 2 reintroduced players to the kind of dynamic AI that Bungie was known for during the original Halo trilogy; AI that were relentless, adaptive, smart and cunning. It can really take you out of the game when there's a deep lore to an enemy, but they behave almost like every other enemy in the game. Creating very distinct patterns and tactics for the AI could greatly improve the play experience of Destiny 2.

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