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Overwatch Uprising Event Extended

Blizzard announced that the Overwatch Uprising event isn't quite done just yet. If you missed out on it or you found yourself being cut short from having to enjoy the limited run specially themed event, Blizzard has a surprise for you in the form of opening up a few extra hours of playtime for you.

Over on the forums, community manager Lylirra explained that the Overwatch Uprising event was brought to an end a lot sooner than what they had originally intended. As a reward for gamers who were truncated from experiencing the full extent of the event, or who missed out on some of the specially themed loot boxes with the new Overwatch cosmetics and credits, they decided to extend the event up until 5PM Pacific Standard Time, which is 8PM Eastern Standard Time. So you'll get in quite a bit more playtime to earn the loot and cosmetics that you've so desperately wanted to get your hands on.

In addition to this, they're also attempting to re-enable the King's Row Uprising brawl mode, and they mention that it will take a few hours to get that update rolled out. Lylirra made this comment almost a day ago, so the re-enabling of King's Row should be complete for those who want to hit up the brawl mode.

For those of you who were online and in-game when the update rolled out, all you'll need to is re-log into Overwatch to experience the King's Row Uprising brawl.

The event was part of the trip into the past as it recounted Tracer's first mission with the Overwatch team fighting against some rogue Omnic robots.

The mission centers around Tracer's first foray into the fight against the robots on the King's Row map, which was introduced to players during the Uprising event. The event focused on a group of players taking on the roles of Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy to work as a team to fight off the waves of enemy robots and free the city from their reign.

The event also allowed players to get their hands on some new skins for the Overwatch heroes, including a Blackwatch skin for McCree, a new Talon skin for Widowmaker, a Blackwatch skin for Genji and two Null Sector skins from the Omnic uprising for both Orisa and Bastion.

New intro emotes were also added to the game, including six new intros that players can equip for their heroes.

These new emotes and skins could be unlocked along with some new stickers through the Uprising event in Overwatch by collecting the loot boxes while battling through the map with your friends.

Due to Blizzard mistakenly cutting the event short yesterday, it's cool that they decided to re-enable the event and give gamers an opportunity to continue collecting loot boxes and gear before things completely wrapped up.

Even though the mishap that took place may have rustled the jimmies of some gamers, at least the re-enabling of the Overwatch event managed to partially distract the community for a little bit from their perpetual requests for more info about Doomfist.

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