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Sony press conference at E3

E3 2017 is only about a month out, which means it's time for developers and publishers to start booking all of those press conferences, demonstrations and meetings that fill up a week of gaming news in June. Sony has finally revealed plans for their E3 showing and, unlike some of their peers, they aren't changing things up this year.

According to invitations that went out to the press this past week, the PlayStation E3 2017 Media Showcase will hold down its usual spot at 6 p.m. PT on Monday, June 12. This year's show will be hosted out of the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, which they've uses a couple times in recent years. Similar to years past, Sony will host a pre-show event leading into their Media Showcase at the same location.

But while Sony continues to hold down their Monday evening spot, there's been a little moving and shaking for media blowouts coming from other publishers. The EA event has moved to a day earlier than last year and will be held on Saturday, while the Xbox press conference has shifted from Monday morning to Sunday afternoon. Microsoft will this year be talking all things Xbox at the Galen Center beginning at 2 p.m. PT on June 11.

For folks covering the events, having things spread out a bit more is a nice change of pace, meaning nobody needs to dash from one press show to the next, one after the other, all in one day.

Also, Bethesda will once again be having their presser at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, hosted out of the LA Center Studios. Nintendo has announced they will be doing their usual video demonstration instead of a live show, while no word has yet been provided by Ubisoft who usually hosts their own event.

As for what we can expect out of the PlayStation press show, we imagine quite a bit of time will be filled by returning stars from last year, as several of the games creating the biggest buzz during E3 2016 have yet to be released. Throw in more gameplay and a launch window for those games and Sony might be able to get some extra hype mileage out of the likes of Days Gone, God of War, Death Stranding and the upcoming Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Obviously, we're expecting quite a few surprises throughout the show, as well as a word on upcoming projects for the PlayStation VR.

PlayStation has hit the coast portion of the console lifecycle, and we don't mean that as a negative. They've got out all of their hardware and developers have found their stride with the various platforms. At this point, all they need to do is keep bringing out interesting and exciting games to keep folks coming back for more. Here's hoping E3 2017 will serve as a solid showcase for exactly that.

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