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Volition Software wants to get in on the hero-shooter genre with a team-based, over-the-top, cartoony third-person action game set within the same universe as Saints Row. The name of the game is Agents of Mayhem and the newest trailer highlights the three main characters of the game.

The trailer was posted up over on MKIceAndFire and it features nearly three minutes of vignettes dedicated to three of the playable characters who make up a large roster of different personalities featured in Agents of Mayhem.

The trailer is narrated by the director of Mayhem, the super-powered agency setup to stop the villainous organization known as Legion.

She introduces Hollywood first, the flamboyant, former pornstar turned egocentric action hero. The gameplay for Hollywood is some typical third-person shooter fanfare, where he uses his assault rifle and some explosives to take out some of the enemies. The montage for Hollywood had a few people in the comment section comparing it to the TV show Archer.

The next character that the trailer highlights is a former pirate who ended up joining Mayhem. Her name is Fortune, and she uses twin laser pistols and a drone. They hint at her being a thief and using her agility and wits to break into places, but it's hard to tell if that element will actually be in the game, or if that's just part of the 2D cutscene?

The last character highlighted in the trailer for Agents of Mayhem is Hardtack, a large burly man with an explosive grenade launcher. He blows up lots of stuff... and well, that appears to be his gimmick in the game.

They attempt to sprinkle in a few jokes into the trailer, along with a look at some of the cutscenes.

During one of the livestreams for the game, Volition mentioned that each character would get a 2D animated cutscene during each of their intro segments. This will help the players get acquainted with the team and feel more of a bond with them as the story progresses, not unlike the crew missions from Saints Row 4.

And speaking of Saints Row... yes the game does take place within the same universe and the Ultor Corp. is funding Mayhem, but it doesn't seem like any of the Saints will be making an appearance in the game (but then again, maybe there will be some surprises?)

Agents of Mayhem takes place in a futuristic Seoul, South Korea, and players will be able to freely roam about the city, not unlike Crackdown. The game won't feature the staple character customization like Saints Row, but you will be able to upgrade each of the agents' abilities and skills.

Volition Software's new hero-themed third-person shooter -- which has some people calling it a mix of Battleborn, Overwatch, and Saints Row -- is scheduled to release in the middle of August for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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