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If you were hoping that some new information about Halo 6 would be unearthed at this year's E3 during Microsoft's press conference. You'll have to settle for some bad news regarding the next entry in Master Chief's ongoing saga.

According to a post by 343 Industries community manager Brian Jarrard to a comment on Reddit, we won't be seeing any news about Halo 6 at this year's E3. However, Jarrard does mention that you might expect to see something else from the developers at E3 instead. So what can we expect? Jarrard doesn't say. Some speculate that it could be new DLC information for the Halo Wars 2 RTS that came out earlier this year for PC and the Xbox One. Others expect that there might be news about a possible Halo spin-off, which has also been one of Microsoft's go-to options for Xbox fans.

Some people are suspecting that the new game might be an anniversary edition of Halo 3. It's possible, even though Halo 3 was included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It would be a tough sell to get people to pay $60 for the same game again that just launched in the collection back in 2014.

Others believe that they may announce something akin to that canceled third-person Halo game that was in development a while back, which was designed for kiddies. The platforming and gunplay were well liked by the community and received a lot of praise. However, at the time franchise head Bonnie Ross mentioned that they could consider investigating something like that in the future.

While the possibility of more Halo could be exciting, some of the fans are getting a bit franchise fatigued. IGN notes that Ross and other heads at 343 have mentioned that all future Halo games would bring back split-screen play, something they received a lot of criticism for removing from Halo 5 back in 2015.

IGN also notes that the franchise has lost a lot of its brand leaders, including Josh Holmes and Dan Ayoub, the latter of which finished up on Halo Wars 2 before parting ways and heading to Microsoft's HoloLens department.

Fans are a little leery about the future of the Halo franchise, as well as what Microsoft has in store for the Xbox Scorpio.

So far they haven't announced any actual exclusives for the Xbox Scorpio, and with rumors floating around that the device will be premium priced, a lot of people are questioning what sort of software exclusives will be available at launch this fall to help move the units off store shelves?

Surely 343 will have something to announce at E3 this year to help bolster the appeal of the console, even if they aren't talking about the new mainline series in the Halo franchise. Besides, it sounds like we won't get news on Halo 6 until possibly next year at E3. Given that most people want them to take their time with the series, I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

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