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What does an average Xbox One gamer look like? Microsoft recently did a study to determine exactly that, and the answers may surprise you.

According to a recent post from Windows Central, the average gamer is an adult man or woman with a really decent job who likes to socialize, but isn't too worried about things like in-game Achievements.

That is, of course, the broadest stroke we can paint right off the bat. The Microsoft study broke things down quite a bit further, as they were sharing this information recently to help developers get a better feel for what the average gamer spends their time doing. I think it's fair to say that many folks assume the "average gamer" is a foul-mouthed teen but, as it turns out, they're actually foul-mouthed, well-paid adults. Who knew?!

Seriously though, here's a bit of a deeper dive into the findings. For starters, these results are based on a survey Microsoft conducted with 2,000 Xbox One gamers. To be clear, there's no system of checks and balances to make sure folks were telling the truth but, really, why would you lie on this kind of survey?

First up, Microsoft wanted to get an idea of the most basic info for the folks taking part in the survey. As it turns out, 58 percent of those involved were male with 42 percent being female. Their average age was 33, with the largest percentage being from the 25-34 range and the second largest being from the 35-44 range. Oddly, the 18-24 group was only three percent higher than the 45-54 group so, again, it seems like adults are the biggest group of gamers by a long shot. Considering how much an Xbox One and a few games cost, that's not super surprising.

When it comes to how people are spending their time on the Xbox One, Microsoft discovered that the majority, 53 percent, are involved with social activities. This includes things like playing multiplayer games and taking advantage of the perks of Xbox Live Gold. Also, this group has four times the number of people on their friends' list than the average gamer.

They also called 49 percent of survey responders "Explorers." In other words, there are certainly gamers out there who just stick with their annual diet of Madden, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed, but 49 percent play an average of 15 games per year, dipping their toe into as many ponds as possible.

Folks playing for "achievement" were only about 31 percent, and these are the folks who are more interested in unlocking actual Achievements or ranking up on leaderboards.

Finally, Microsoft took a look at what motivates the average gamer, and it was a pretty even mix across a wide variety of areas. The highest rankings were Soloist and Thinker, so these are people who prefer to play in their own little world while enjoying games that force you to solve puzzles, etc.

So tell us, readers, what type of Xbox One gamer are you?

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