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E3 2017 is officially underway, running through the weekend and into Monday with press conferences from all of the biggest publishers. When it comes to Microsoft's showing, though, it's starting to sound like they have a heck of a lot to talk about this year.

Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to discuss the upcoming Xbox Press conference, set to begin at 2 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, June 11.

As Spencer noted, the bigger press conferences usually take from between an hour to an hour and a half. This year, however, he's warning that the traditional runtime of 90 minutes probably won't be enough to fit in everything Microsoft has planned for this year's show.

We've got a few ideas about why that is, but you never really know what these folks might have hidden up their sleeves.

For starters, Microsoft usually has no trouble filling their 90-minute press shows with a few announcements about new services, sales figures and the like alongside oodles of trailers and reveals for new games. This year, however, they're primed to host a full reveal for the Project Scorpio, the beefed-up version of the Xbox One. Since we don't really know what, exactly, the new machine will be capable of, we imagine a nice chunk of time will need to be set aside in order to go over all of those juicy details. Rather than let that cut into game time, though, it sounds like Microsoft has simply decided to extend its show's runtime.

Of course, there are rumors that Microsoft will be discussing their answer to VR gaming at this year's show, with some speculating that they will be dishing details on a wireless headset of some sort. But that is, of course, just speculation at this time.

Outside of hardware, though, we imagine a big part of Microsoft's show will revolve around the things we can actually play on these devices: games. We've got word that a new Halo will be a no-show this year, so that only leaves a few known quantities like Gears of War and Forza. And then there are the third party titles. We know that Red Dead Redemption 2 is being billed as one of the titles that will be "better with Scorpio," so we wouldn't be surprised to see James Marston and his pals making an appearance as part of the Xbox Show. Actually, that might be the case with a bunch of EA games.

Of course, Microsoft is only one of the big press conferences at this year's show. The Electronic Arts-specific presser will be Saturday, June 10, at 12 p.m. PT, with Bethesda following the Xbox showing at 9 p.m. PT on Sunday. Monday begins with a 1 p.m. PT showing from Ubisoft with Sony capping off the live shows at 6 p.m. PT Monday night. Nintendo will offer their usual pre-recorded presentation at 9 a.m. PT Tuesday morning, and they'll be going the opposite direction from Microsoft, only expecting about a 30-minute show.

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