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During the Microsoft E3 press conference one of the premiere gameplay demonstrations that gamers were privy to witness was BioWare's super secretive project that was previously codenamed "Dylan". Well, it turns out the new IP is actually called Anthem and it's a third-person mech shooter.

The video went live as a separate reveal over on the newly opened Anthem YouTube channel. Despite EA and BioWare previously claiming that the new game wasn't an RPG, it's still an action-RPG. Players will join the Freelancers Corp and attempt to explore the alien world outside the walls of the protected city.

In order to journey through the vast jungle landscape and open-world territory, there are specialized mech suits that the player-characters must wear called Javelins. I instantly thought about the Jaegers from Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim when they were first introduced. The Javelins, however, are much smaller than the robotic kaiju fighters and are personalized for each soldier that steps out into the wild.

The RPG elements come into play with the upgrade system for the Javelins. As we see in the video above, players can join up with other players and go explore the wild, untamed lands outside the walls. While danger may lurk around every corner, so do opportunities to discover new loot, upgrades, and equipment for the Javelins. Players can equip new weapons, shells, and buffs to help the personalized mech not only navigate the world better, but also fight more efficiently on the field.

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The game, however, attempts to separate itself from other action-RPGs by focusing more of the combat on skill-based encounters as opposed to relying on the stat stacking present in games like Destiny or Borderlands.

In this way, it's somewhat easy to see why EA and BioWare didn't fall back to calling it a traditional RPG. While the RPG elements are certainly there, Anthem definitely has a stronger action game vibe to it than previous BioWare outings.

Another cool thing is being able to navigate with leaps off the city walls into the thick jungle areas below. The game world appears to be densely packed with a lot of different areas to explore and missions to accomplish.

The demo trailer also previews wildlife roaming around, along with some very intriguing environmental effects. The demonstration rounds out with an awesome display from a weather storm, complete with physics-based debris flying everywhere, and lots of particle effects on display.

A lot of people are actually quite excited for Anthem thanks to its visual design and the cool looking Javelins. However, it's a long way out from release and we'll have to wait a while before we see it appear on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Xbox One X. It definitely looks like Activision and Bungie will have a tough rival for Destiny 2 in the near future.