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Cult Horror Title Night Trap Is Coming Back In August

Sega's Night Trap will forever be remembered as one of the games that helped make the ESRB a thing. The 1992 game didn't last long on store shelves before coming under fire from various anti-obscenity groups, but now you'll have a chance to play the remastered edition of the FMV title come this August.

Screaming Villains have managed to secure the rights from Digital Pictures, and remaster all of the scenes for HD quality. The trailer was posted up over on the Screaming Villains YouTube channel, where gamers could see one of the most controversial games ever made in full HD ahead of its August 15th release date.

The minute long trailer lets gamers know that 25 years later, the campy, B-movie horror game is back.

The trailer shows a series of clips that probably make absolutely no sense to people who aren't familiar with Night Trap. We see some of the trans-dimensional vampires walking through hallways, and a teen being dragged up a clothes chute, as well as some of the teenage girls being spooked by the monsters and their weird gear.

Halfway through the trailer we finally get a look at the updated console that players will use in order to spot the villains and keep the teens safe from entrapment.

The trailer also reveals that there will be behind-the-scenes featurettes, some of the deleted scenes that didn't make the cut, and other goodies to help flesh out the content for the full 25th-anniversary edition of the game.

One of the funnier aspects of this whole thing is that despite the game coming under fire from parent groups, religious groups and political groups, Night Trap only managed a 'T' for Teen rating from the ESRB.

So all of that moral panicking over the title and the ESRB didn't think it was anything too extreme for the average teenager. Then again, this game came out during an era where the first Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis caused such a rip-roar that it managed to land the game in hot water for its portrayal of violence. By today's standards, both games absolutely pale in comparison to games like Mortal Kombat X, The Witcher or Grand Theft Auto V.

As for Night Trap, the game is a goofy sci-fi horror title where players are part of a special task force who must monitor and trap the dimensional vampires before they attack and kill the teenagers who are having a sleepover. This requires players to monitor the cameras and check for activity on the feeds in order to activate traps around the house to stop the vampires and protect the teens. It's as corny as it sounds

You can look to get your hands on Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition for PC and PS4 on August 15th, with the Xbox One release to follow thereafter.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.