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Spotify Xbox One

After waiting two years, getting stuck with other third-party music apps, and having to beg Microsoft incessantly for it... Xbox One owners now finally have the Spotify app available for use on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and soon the Xbox One X.

The news comes courtesy of an announcement over on the official Xbox News Wire, where Mikael Ericsson, the product director and platform partner at Spotify made the post that informs Xbox users that the Spotify app is currently available to download from the apps section on the Xbox Store.

According to the post, the Spotify app is currently available for download from 34 different markets around the world.

The app affords gamers some really cool features and abilities that gamers had been asking for since the launch of the Xbox One from back in 2013, such as being able to load in a playlist and listen to your favorite soundtrack while playing your favorite game.

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The awesome part about it is that there are even pre-curated playlists built into Spotify for gaming, with various gaming playlists listed under the "Gaming" hub through the app. The news also notes that there's a playlist available that has been curated by Major Nelson. The guest list is free to listen to right now by logging into Spotify using your account. If you don't have an account you can actually sign up for free and grab a listen.

It's mentioned in the post that the music playback on Xbox is available for both free and premium Spotify users, and there are controls available so that you can modify playback from the controller, your mobile device or even on your tablet or desktop.

This is a huge step up from where the Xbox One's music options were previously. During the launch of the console back in 2013, you had to go through some serious hoops just to have custom music playback available in the game you were playing. First of all, you would have to turn off the music in the game itself, and then open up the Snap menu. You would need to have the Xbox Music app installed and then open that up in the Snap menu. You would have to then connect your Xbox to your desktop or other storage device where the music was located. From there you could then play your custom songs. The drawback to that method, however, was that you would then have a fifth of the screen taken up by the Snap menu, which was unsightly and distracting.

Later on, Microsoft eventually changed the Xbox Music app and removed the Snap feature so that the dashboard functionality and custom music playback was a bit more streamlined. With Spotify, however, things get even easier yet... and now gamers can play through their own custom playlists.

This news isn't all too surprising, given that this was leaked just ahead of the official announcement via a few media outlets, who reported that Spotify would be coming to the Xbox platform after previously having been exclusive to the PlayStation brand for the last couple of years. You can get your hands on the Spotify app right now for the Xbox.