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Xbox One Wireless Adapter

Microsoft has low-key delayed the upcoming Xbox wireless controller adapter for Windows 10 systems. The delay comes after the accessory missed its original release date. The good news is that some regions will still get it this month. The bad news is that others will have to wait until next year.

Windows Central is reporting that the Xbox wireless controller adapter for Windows 10 systems, including laptops, desktops and some tablet devices, has been delayed to as far back as January 31st, 2018. Even worse yet is that the delay is being reported as a placeholder date, so it could be as far out as six months away (or further) for those living in North America.

Originally, the Xbox wireless controller adapter was supposed to be released on August 8th for $24.99. It was first announced at the beginning of the month, and many PC and laptop gamers thought that they would be able to get their hands on the adapter during the first few weeks of August. However, it was not meant to be.

Windows Central notes that the placeholder date on the official Windows Store for January 31st, 2018 is a tentative window, and that a Microsoft representative revealed that there isn't a solid date yet set in stone for the release of the adapter in the United States or Canada.

Now, there is some good news for those of you living outside of North America. According to the report, those of you who live in Japan will actually gain access to the adapter first. The Microsoft Store listing shows that the Xbox One wireless controller adapter will arrive in the land of the rising sun starting August 24th. Following that, those who live in the land down under will get it next, with Australia and New Zealand receiving the adapter starting some time this September. North America will be the last on the list to receive the adapter.

So, what does the adapter do and why are people so excited for it and frustrated about the delay? Well, it's not actually a new adapter in the sense that there weren't any wireless Xbox One controller adapters before. In fact, there were some wireless controller adapters and dongles on the market long before this current one was announced. The thing is, this newest adapter for Windows 10 is actually more of a mini-adapter, making it smaller and more compatible for travel, especially for laptops.

The previous adapters -- especially the ones for wireless Xbox 360 controllers -- were pretty clunky and cumbersome to carry around, and they definitely weren't convenient for travel. This newer adapter will make it convenient to plug-and-play your games using your favorite Xbox One controller, including the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Some people are wondering what could have happened that caused the adapter to be delayed by nearly six whole months, while others are wondering why a new mini-adapter needed to be made in the first place. For those who can't wait until 2018 to get the wireless adapter, it might be possible to wait for it to release in Japan and then attempt to import it via eBay or third-party sellers on Amazon. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until next year to get your hands on one.

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