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ReCore Is Getting A Definitive Edition

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If you missed out on the Xbox One exclusive action game ReCore when it launched last year, you're being given a second chance thanks to a recently leaked Definitive Edition of the game.

Since the Microsoft Store listing has gone missing as of this writing, we're falling back on reports from sites like IGN who stumbled upon an item called ReCore: Definitive Edition, which is set to launch for the Xbox One on Aug. 29. This newest version of the game will set you back $19.99.

So what makes this version of ReCore so Definitive? Well, for starters, it's include HDR support and enhanced visuals for the Xbox One X, which is due out later this fall. Perhaps more importantly, though, is the fact that it will include content that folks expected when the game launched. Sure, they're charging a second time for it, but Comcept hasn't exactly shown a record of great business decisions these past few years. Don't even get us started on Mighty No. 9.

That extra content includes a new "Eye of Obsidian" adventure, as well as the fifth teased Corebot known as T8-NK. Before the game launched, that bot was one of five shown off for the game and is even featured on the boxart for the game. It never popped up in the actual game though, so hopefully the wait has been worth it. In case all of that is gibberish, Corebots are mechanical companions that you can activate by pulling a core from one and placing it into the next. They have their own abilities to help you traverse the game, fight baddies and the like. Once the Definitive Edition of ReCore launches, we'll finally be able to see what T8-NK is all about.

ReCore has certainly lived an interesting life up to this point. When it was first shown off as a cinematic trailer during E3 2015, folks went a bit mental for the game despite the fact that we weren't quite sure what it was or how it would play. Later showings looked interesting, displaying some classic platforming action with several new twists on the formula. Plus, the idea of swapping cores into various robot companions was a pretty novel idea.

When the game launched, it received lukewarm reception and faded into obscurity pretty quickly. We're not saying the game was bad, just that it's kind of surprising that, with a history like that, it's receiving a Definitive Edition. But if the developers addressed those gripes that reviewers seemed to unanimously echo, maybe this version will be well worth a second look.

If you've got some thoughts on the matter, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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