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A squad of Halo characters

Since the next Halo game is too early in development to talk about, the team at 343 Industries have decided to put in some extra work to keep Halo 5 engaging and balanced moving forward. To that end, the developer has offered some details on a number of tweaks that will soon be made to about a dozen of the game's weapons.

While new shooters come and go, there's still a nice crowd of Xbox One and PC fans enjoying the hell out of Halo 5. The developers have continued to support the game with DLC, events and regular patches and, next week, they're making a major overhaul to the online arsenal.

The team at 343 has been touting this update for a while now, saying the plan it to both "revitalize and re-balance" the games sandbox, as well as "establish/strengthen" unique roles for each weapon. In other words, what's the point of having so many weapons to pick from if some of them feel too similar?

The team has apparently been diving into two years' worth of data pulled from online games to determine what needs adjusting, and once the latest patch drops next week several online weapons will feel or work a bit differently. Remember that this is just a testing phase, so I'm sure the Halo squad would enjoy some constructive criticism moving forward. Just remember that "constructive criticism" doesn't include yelling, name-calling, etc.

As a final note, the weapon tuning is only happening in the Halo 5 Arena, so you won't notice changes to the guns in Campaign or Warzone. Once things get ironed out, the alterations will go global.

According to the full update, the Assault Rifle is one of the 12 weapons/items getting tweaked, with this particular piece of the arsenal being retuned to "reward more skillful use." That's a bit vague, but we'll just have to see how things shake out.

As for the Battle Rifle, the gun is apparently too effective at all ranges, so the team at 343 is going to adjust that a bit. As for the Carbine, it was determined to be a bit too effective at long range, so that's going to be fixed.

Over to the Designated Marksman Rifle and the Gunfighter Magnum. The former will be retooled so that it's better at long range, while the latter will have its long-range effectiveness tuned down. The SMG is receiving a similar tweak, as it's a bit too effective at range.

Moving right along, the Energy Sword, players wielding this bad boy won't be as ridiculously mobile as in the past, and the Beam Rifle will be tweaked so that it isn't quite as effective firing from the hip, being a sniper rifle and all.

Finally, there's the Fuel Rod Cannon, Grenade Launcher and Rail Gun. The FRC is having its rate of fire and blast radius reworked, the noob tube is getting an adjustment to projectile behavior and the Rail Gun will no longer be so effective at close range.

Only one power-up is getting reworked in Halo 5, and it's the Active Camo. In certain cases the Camo is not as good at hiding the player as it should be, so that's also going to be addressed.