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Soldiers march ahead in Call of Duty: WWII

The second wave of the Call of Duty WWII beta is underway and, just like with the first iteration, the team at Sledgehammer has made some on-the-fly alterations, including upping the level cap for the remainder of the test run.

Over on the CODWWII blog, the developers have announced several alterations to the weekend beta. For starters, the level cap has been boosted all the way up to 35. If you've got the time to dedicate toward grinding out those extra levels, you'll gain access to even more of the new game's weapons, as well as new basic training abilities and equipment. As examples, they've listed the M1928 and the Flamethrower as available killstreaks, so expect things to get a bit more explosive on the battlefield.

The team has also added a new mode to go along with the likes of Team Deathmatch, Hard Point, and War. Fans of Kill Confirmed will be happy to see that particular mode added to the WWII rotation, requiring players to claim dog tags if they want their kill to count toward the team's victory.

Along with these additions, those of you who played during the PlayStation 4 exclusive beta last weekend may have noticed a few extra tweaks that have been made. According to Sledgehammer, these alterations were based on player feedback and included shifting the TDM match limit to 100, with the Domination point total lowered to 100 as well. This should make those game modes move a bit quicker and feel like less of a slog for the team on the losing side.

Also, a big change is that the Molotov score streak bonus has been reduced to just one explosive bottle of death. That's nice to hear, because I felt like those especially deadly bastards were being thrown around far too often during the first beta event.

The post goes on to state that even more adjustments will be made based on beta data and player feedback before the November launch of WWII. And for those of you who felt left out in the cold when it comes to controller layout, another nine options will be available in the final version of the game.

I've dropped into this second beta a few times over the weekend and things certainly still seem to be running smoothly. I've experienced no issues on the technical side and finding matches is a snap. I haven't been playing it enough to need that higher level cap, though, so I've got nothing to report on that new gear.

If, however, you've been pouring hours into this latest COD beta and have some thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to add them to the comments below.

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