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Telltale New CEO

Telltale Games seems to be on a roll lately when it comes to pumping out new games. The company has released a couple of new titles this year and are maintaining a killer pace heading into 2018. One major change the company is making before 2017 rounds out is a change in leadership... specifically the CEO.

According to Venture Beat, Telltale's board of directors have brought in former Zynga senior vice president and general manager, Pete Hawley. Hawley is replacing Dan Connors, who was an interim CEO for Telltale Games since 2015. Connors had been the CEO for Telltale previously, but he was replaced by Kevin Bruner in 2015, but Bruner didn't stay in the role for very long and he ended up resigning from the position and Connors took up the CEO position once more.

The board of directors wanted a more consistent and stable choice for a CEO, so they ended up going with Pete Hawley from Zynga.

Hawley explained that he had been a fan of the company ever since it brought back the point-and-click genre in recent times, and felt as if the company had revived the LucasArts-style of story-centric games that disappeared from the mainstream gaming space for such a long time and for so many generations.

Telltale really made a comeback in 2012 with the runaway success of The Walking Dead, which took the story based on the AMC show and the graphic novel and turned it on its head by putting players in control of the fates of the characters. Choices had very literal consequences that completely changed the way a lot of the gameplay evolved. This led to the game picking up tons of Game of the Year Awards a lot of respect from the design community for being so brazen with the story.

Telltale followed up on that success with games like The Wolf Among Us, as well as adaptations of HBO's Game of Thrones and recent successes based on Guardians of the Galaxy.

The company is currently working on a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode, the second season of Batman: The Enemy Within, along with a second season planned for The Wolf Among Us. Telltale will also wrap up the series for The Walking Dead in 2018. Gamers have been begging the company for another season of Game of Thrones, but Telltale mentioned that its waiting for the HBO series to wrap up before moving forward with more seasons.

Hawley will most certainly have his hands full working at Telltale because the slate beyond 2018 is a bit unclear, and obviously, he'll have to work with creative in directing the company down the continued pathway of success if he wants to maintain the momentum that Telltale have currently built up.

Some feel as if Telltale has one too many projects going on at the moment and need to scale back, while others feel Telltale needs to focus more on quality stories centered around the content that put it on the mainstream map a few years back. It's tough to tell which direction Hawley will go in beyond 2018, but we'll find out when the time comes.