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Batman stands at the ready.

Batman Day is Sept. 23 and, to celebrate, the PlayStation Network is hosting a sale on all things related to the Caped Crusader. From games to DLC, there's plenty here to keep you fighting crime on the corrupted streets of Gotham.

If you're looking to have more Batman in your gaming life, then PSN is the place to start. This week, you can grab everything from the Arkham series to the Injustice fighting games at a discounted rate. Here's a rundown of the Batman Day sales.

Batman: Return to Arkham - $14.99

Batman: Arkham Knight - $9.99

Arkham Knight Season Pass - $9.99

Batman: Arkham VR - $15.99

Injustice: Ultimate Edition - $9.99

Injustice 2 - $47.99

Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack - $31.99

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - $9.99

Lego Batman 3 Season Pass - $7.49

Lego Batman 3 Deluxe Edition - $17.49

If you haven't played the Arkham games yet, getting the first two in the series for 15 bucks is a standout deal. Arkham Knight for another $10 isn't too shabby, either. And if you haven't played the fantastic Arkham VR with a PlayStation headset strapped to your face, now might be a good time to do exactly that.

I think it's known by now that I'm an unabashed lover of Injustice 2, which I think might very well be the best fighting game, period. There's a lot of content crammed into that game, so getting it at a discount might be a solid investment for those who are curious.

Finally, you can't talk about Batman these days without bringing up the Lego universe, which is just as distinct and wonderful as any other incarnation of the universe.

For those who are curious, Batman Day was first hosted by DC Comics four years ago in honor of the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary. They've kept the event going strong ever since, with various promotional activities, sales and the like across multiple mediums.

What sets this year's celebration apart is that it's also the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn, who was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series way back in 1992. You can actually play as or against Harley in a couple of those games being discounted on PlayStation Network, so it's technically celebrating the Clown Princess of Gotham, too.

If you don't already have these discounted games in your PS4 collection, which ones are you thinking of picking up. And perhaps more importantly, which incarnation of Batman, across all mediums, is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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