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Battle escalates in Battlefront 2

Developers frequently offer special in-game perks to folks who play their pre-launch beta in order to encourage even more folks to dive in and put the game through its paces. That was the case recently with Battlefront II and, if you did really well while playing on the Xbox One, you may have even earned some additional rewards.

Over on the Xbox Offers blog, the Gamertags of the top 1,000 players from the recent Battlefront II beta have been posted. The event ran from Oct. 6-9 and, according to the post, a heck of a lot of people jumped in to fight for both the Empire and Rebel Alliance. The top 1,000 players racked up more than 25,000 hours on their own, which is an average of 25 hours per player over the course of just four days.

Starting with Sneaky Le Beak in the top position, the post lists a whole bunch of players who have apparently won some sort of special prize. We've got no word yet on what the reward is, as we weren't one of the lucky winners. If you dipped into Battlefront II a lot over the weekend, though, you might want to hit up the list and look for your own Gamertag. If you're included in the list, all you have to do is sign in to your account directly from the post in order to claim your prize. And if you just so happen to do that, please circle back here to let us know what, exactly, you won.

From Call of Duty and Battlefield to Paladins, Destiny and beyond, just about every online game these days offers some sort of perk for players to try out the beta. Sometimes it's special gear but, more often than not, it's either a shader or a profile tag that lets people know you were on board with the game since the very beginning.

That was the case with Battlefront II, too, as they actually gave rewards to anyone who played the beta across all platforms; not just the top 1,000 performers on Xbox Live. If you signed on for just a single match this past weekend and decide to pick up the full game, you'll get your hands on a special "Founders Crate" at launch. The contents of this crate includes things like credits for buying in-game items, an exclusive emote for Darth Maul and a rare trooper Star Card to equip to your character.

Our guess is that the 1,000 top players mentioned above will receive an extra crate, maybe with another unique emote, some in-game currency and the like.

And whether or not you're one of the lucky winners, we'd be interested to hear what you thought of the beta. Is Battlefront II shaping up nicely, or do you have cause for concern? Let us know in the comments below.

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