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For those of you who have been wondering what would be offered in the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Expansion Pass, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has launched a new trailer with the full breakdown, complete with a deep-voiced announcer to walk you through the details.

Based on what we're seeing in the trailer, a quartet of expansions is planned for Shadow of War, and they seem to be based on a pair of new in-game tribes and a couple of story expansions. Those tribes include Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe.

The script for this one is a bit graphic, explaining that the Slaughter Tribe will "slice you up and down and decorate their fortress with your guts." We imagine that's got to have some sort of negative impact on the resale value of the place, but we're not entirely certain how the orcish real estate market works. Entrails might even boost property values.

As for the Outlaw Tribe, they're made up of outcasts from other tribes, so they're kind of a rag-tag mix of everything else in the game. As the trailer explains, both tribes will be fully integrated into the Nemesis System, giving you a pair of new enemies to dominate and assimilate, as well as some new fortresses to add to your growing collection.

While the tribe DLC seems like it's expanding the roster of activities you've already been doing in this latest Lord of the Rings game, Blade of Galadriel will expand on the story. You'll get some new abilities in this expansion, the ability to dual-wield some rad daggers and tackle new undead foe.

Finally, there's the Desolation of Mordor story expansion, which is currently listed as the final piece of the Shadow of War puzzle. In this expansion, you'll take control of the armies of man and visit a new in-game desert region.

While the Slaughter Tribe is set to hit Shadow of War in November, you'll be tackling the Outlaw Tribe in December. The "Blade" story expansion won't be ready to roll until February, with "Desolation" set to launch in May. That means that WBIE has plans to continue supporting the game for another seven months, which is a nice tail for a single-player-focused game.

Of course, you'll need to pay for all of that extra content if you want to enjoy it. The new tribes and the Blade of Galadriel expansions can be yours for $15 a pop, while the Desolation of Mordor DLC will set you back another $20. If you'd like to save about $20, you can get the full Expansion Pass for $40. But if you happened to pick up the Gold Edition of Shadow of War, that was already included in your initial purchase.

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