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A game's DLC trailer usually gets us excited to continue playing that game. When it comes to the DLC trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II, though, it instead does a good job of getting us ready to check out The Last Jedi in theaters next week. Take a look:

The first season of DLC for Battlefront II is, no surprise, completely focused on the latest film in the new trilogy, The Last Jedi. With the DLC set to start rolling out soon, EA decided to drop a trailer in order to get players ready to dive back into the game.

This first trailer focuses on a pair of characters which will soon be usable as heroes in the game, including Finn and Captain Phasma. Finn is the lovable Stormtrooper who realized he was fighting for the wrong side, while Phasma was criminally underused in the previous film, The Force Awakens. It's not that I'm super, super bitter or anything, but how are you going to create a character that looks as badass as Captain Phasma and then have her in the movie, doing next to nothing, for about a grand total of three minutes?

Thankfully, it looks like The Last Jedi will give Phasma her chance at redemption and Finn a chance to go toe to toe with the embodiment of all the things he now stands against. We already know that Finn's actor, John Boyega, is excited to dive into the new content, so here's hoping it lives up to his hype.

In the new Battlefront trailer, viewers are told they'll need to choose a side before hearing Finn's voice proclaim that numbers aren't everything. We then see some gameplay from the planet highlighted in the new film's trailer; the one that's got a white surface hiding red dirt that makes it look like the planet itself is bleeding.

Along with our new heroes, this makes it clear that players will be jumping into new battles as new characters on new maps pulled straight from The Last Jedi. While we're looking forward to taking control of these battles ourselves, we're a bit more excited to see them unfold on the big screen. After all, the game's current showdowns are exciting because we've been watching them in the movies for years and now we're getting to play them. It'll be nice to have some context before joining the fray ourselves.

Also revealed in the trailer is the fact that, yes, Iden's story will be continuing in the form of DLC. The Battlefront II campaign, while a bit disjointed, felt complete. It ends with a big cliffhanger, but that's not exactly a bad move. But, it looks like, instead of waiting for the next game, we'll get to see where things head next once the new DLC gets rolling out.

I don't want to dive too deeply into spoiler territory here, but there are several good reasons this is being included as part of the Last Jedi DLC season. Say what you will about EA's lousy microtransactions and loot box issues, the game itself was solid and we're interested in seeing the narrative continue.

If nothing else, it was a really solid move on their part to announce that, yes, all of this added content will be free for all players when it launches Dec. 13. Still, we'll probably make sure we've seen the film before playing any of the new content.

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