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The team over at Atlus has released a new trailer for its mysterious upcoming project, PROJECT Re Fantasy. That's just the project name at this point, but at least it gives us an idea of what to expect. The five-minute trailer goes a long way toward fulfilling that same goal, introducing some of the game's classes with live-action sequences.

Atlus has made a name for itself by doing things a little differently, and that trend seems to be continuing with their latest project. Given everything we've seen so far, we're pretty confident that the game will be an RPG, though nothing in the line of gameplay or even a solid screenshot has surfaced up to this point. Also, they're actively encouraging viewers to "rethink fantasy RPG" so, again, we have no clue what we should actually be expecting here.

Instead, we get trailers like the one above promising "a fantasy world" where "its inhabitants also visualize a fantasy." The trailer opens with a narrator explaining that, before he's sent to war, he must finish telling a story.

We get some vague ideas about the game world next, complete with an explanation that the world's inhabitants live in tribes and that folks ride around on dragons. The voice explains that everyone dreams of a "promised land," though he's unclear on what that paradise might look like. From the explanation, it sounds like the tribes are basically locked into their own regions out of fear of their neighbors.

Up to this point, this latest project from Atlus sounds like the background of just about any RPG, be it Final Fantasy or even Dragon Age. Next thing you know, the trailer does the unexpected and starts introducing characters as live actors. There's a genocidal cleric, a super pale, "guilt-ridden protester of a mage, an extremely emo warrior who wants to "cease to exist," a thief who is tired of the real world and a lord who wishes to rise in power...Okay, that last one is pretty standard. But the rest at least sound interesting. Also worth noting is that all of the characters appear to be female. The warrior is the only possible exception, but the armor makes it hard to be certain.

From there, the narrator starts talking about a better world, one where all are united as a single tribe. The concept art is from the modern world, complete with skyscrapers and cars cruising the streets. In other words, while we dream of fantasy worlds full of mages and castles, Atlus argues that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and maybe people in those worlds are fantasizing about the kind of life folks in the real world experience.

Consider us intrigued, which was likely the whole point of the somewhat bizarre trailer.

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