Why Mark Hamill Isn't Playing Star Wars Battlefront II

space battle Battlefront 2

In the Star Wars movies, Luke Skywalker can do pretty much anything he puts his mind to. Thanks to a little extra guidance from the Force, he can fight with a lightsaber, move objects with his mind and even pilot an X-wing. It turns out those skills don't actually translate over to real life.

In a recent interview with the folks from IGN, Mark Hamill was asked if he's actually played Battlefront 2. The actor confessed that he had not, and then gave a reason that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Listen, I may be an ace pilot, that's because of all the special effects wizards. When I play the game in real life I'm crashing the starship just pulling out of the hanger. I'm really bad.

In the films, Hamill's character is something of a Mary Sue. He learns that he has the ability to wield the Force and suddenly he's a master of all trades. Heck, the rebellion puts him in control of a fast-moving death-plane because he was apparently really good at shooting rodents back home on the farm. He's not encouraged by his ghostly mentor to "use the Force" to blow up the Death Star until well after he pilots an X-Wing like a lifetime veteran without breaking a sweat.

In real life, though, Mark Hamill is just a regular guy. What's more, he's a normal guy who doesn't seem to have an interest in video games, so of course he's not going to be an ace pilot in a game like Battlefront 2 simply because he plays a Jedi on the silver screen. That would be like expecting Tom Hanks to own in Call of Duty WWII because of that whole Saving Private Ryan thing...Shoot, now I just want to see Tom Hanks trash-talking 12-year-olds online while carrying his team to victory in Domination.

Hamill admitted that he played video games back when his kids were growing up, but that was around 30 years ago. He adds that folks seem to get upset when he says he's never played Battlefront 2, so we have to commend him for not straight-up slapping folks on principal alone.

Still, we have to wonder if he's at least watched the game being played. It might be interesting to hear his take on the game's narrative, especially the scenes that involve Luke Skywalker and his old pals from the original trilogy.

Still, it's kind of a shame Hamill can't get a handle on playing Battlefront II, because those space battles he's referencing were definitely the highlight of the game.

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