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A team of skeletons in Mutant Football League.

It's taken five years and two crowdfunding campaigns, but Mutant Football League is nearly ready to make the jump to home consoles. The off-the-wall sports extravaganza is set to continue on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come Jan. 19.

Mutant Football League's journey to modern consoles has been an interesting one. Michael Mendheim took his first swing at getting the game off the ground back in 2013, bringing the project to Kickstarter. The project basically bombed but, rather than let that get to him, Mendheim instead paid attention to the feedback he received from unconvinced fans.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Mendheim explained that he learned what kind of game fans wanted Mutant Football League to be, refocused his efforts and started pulling together a project with those lessons in mind. All of that effort paid off, as the game's second swing on Kickstarter turned out to be a resounding success. And while the new Mutant Football League has been a hit on PC, we've only got a couple more months to wait until that gridiron insanity makes the jump to consoles on Jan. 19. Mendheim explained that home consoles became a primary focus for the second iteration of the game, and he's excited to bring Mutant Football League to the living room.

In case you're new to the series, Mutant Football League really lives up to its name. It's the game you would get if you were to take a game like Madden and cross it with a violent Saturday morning cartoon. A bizarre version of football beats at the heart of MFL, but with all sorts of insane twists. You might find booby-traps on the football field or end up winning a game because you kinda-sorta killed off too many players on the other team. Not happy with a referee's call? Well, you can bribe or potentially kill the refs, too. As Mendheim points out, the best games of Mutant Football League are less concerned with fair play and more concerned with cheating your way to victory.

Outside of console support, the only other promised crowdfunding content are werewolf and phantom teams, which Mendheim hopes to have ready to roll by February or March. Those teams will be provided on all platforms free of charge, alongside the game's upcoming Dynasty mode. The Dynasty mode will let you start off with a scrappy, baseline team and build them up with improved stats and abilities over the course of several seasons. This is another feature that came out of player feedback, with Mendheim explaining that the PC crowd craved some additional depth in the game.

Based on his recent interview, Mendheim plans to keep working on Mutant Football League and adding new features, and it sounds like another Mutant sports game might even be on the horizon.

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