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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Replay Report

The absolute biggest complaint about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is that cheaters have run rampant across the game. While lag and optimization issues still plague the experience, the most consistent complaint since going live last year, is about the hackers and cheaters. Well, there's a new update that might help players call out the cheaters.

Over on the Steam page for PUBG Corporation's sandbox survival game, the developers posted an updated recently that explains what new measures are being taken to address the cheating problem.

The big new solution from PUBG Corporation was to implement a new reporting tool through the replay report feature. This will allow people who aren't even killed by a hacker/cheater to report the individual if they happen to pop up during a replay. This is actually an exceptionally progressive new tool for putting the power of reporting back into the hands of players.

The developers call this an "effective and efficient way" to help the community make the community managers aware of what's going on so that the appropriate measures can be taken to curb the problem.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the few games to utilize such a tool, as most games rely on standard reporting tools, either in-game or through the lobby menu. Typically you pull up the report feature, select the player who is the suspected culprit of the game-breaking activity, and then you either select what the player did or type out what you witnessed them doing. As you can imagine, the old reporting method was ripe for abuse, given that players who performed poorly against expert players could oftentimes use the tool to file false reports and hope to get ace players banned. This was a common tactic in games like Combat Arms, Overwatch, Quake or Call of Duty.

With the new replay report tool in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you're not just selecting a name from a drop-down menu and arbitrarily selecting what crime you believe they committed. Instead, the replay tool will allow you to specifically see when and where a suspected cheater performed the game-breaking feat and send the evidence to PUBG Corporation.

The exact function will allow players to use the observer or follow-cam to track the suspected cheater, and then on the timeline where the cheat is performed, a report button will pop up, allowing players to report the offending player.

It's such an important step forward in improving the overall user report feature in an online multiplayer game.

The tool is currently only being used in the test build, but once the developers iron out the kinks and testing is complete there are plans to move it over to the live servers as soon as possible. This will then allow players in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to report other players from directly in-game.

In addition to the new report function, there are also plenty of bug fixes and optimizations made as well, which will improve performance drastically and allow for a smoother and more robust online playing experience. It only took a year, but it looks like at least both the optimization issues and the cheater issues are getting resolved.

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