Ad agency Rokkan represents quite a few big name companies including many top name video game companies such as Electronic Arts and Nintendo, to name a few. They even predicted a few things gamers should be expecting throughout 2012 from the gaming industry.

Now remember, these are just predictions and in no way reflect any concrete direction you can expect the industry to head in but I'd presume Rokkan has a bit more of an idea than the average armchair warrior. So here it is...

More Cinematic Experiences...

Rokkan is expecting more companies to unleash games with cinematic flair in both presentation and advertising. As we all know, the gaming industry rivals Hollywood in annual revenue, as printed in the latest NPD results [via HomeMedia], so what should we expect from more big-budget games from EA, Activision and other studios who can afford AAA titles? More cinematic-style advertising. Sort of like the Uncharted TV spot...

It's a little had to gauge from here whether companies will be more or less inclined to follow Activision and Sony in using Hollywood style advertising tactics to sell games, sort of like with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 N00b & Vet commercial. One thing is for sure, Rokkan is expecting more companies to follow suit throughout 2012 for some big budget titles.

More Family Experiences

According to Rokkan's executive user director, Chung NG, "Showing families playing together and enjoying each other is another big theme this year. Due to economic factors with rise of cost in even just watching a movie. Game publishers are trying to push the family entertainment value of a game."

This is no big surprise here with titles like Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Rayman's Raving Rabbids becoming established family franchises over the holiday seasons to provide family-oriented fun for gamers of all ages. Rokkan's prediction may be concrete fact given that part of Microsoft's keynote speech at this year's CES 2012 included a lot of Kinect-oriented gaming for kids and families. We also know that Nintendo certainly won't be abandoning their casual fans on the Wii or DS and it will be interesting to see if other studios follow suit. The only company who has a questionable family agenda is Sony, but their focus may be centered more on the core gamer as opposed to Nintendo and Microsoft.

You can learn more about Rokkan and their 2012 predictions for gaming and industry ad spending by paying a visit to their Official Website.

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