Sea of Thieves CBT

Rare's Sea of Thieves' closed beta test was only for those who pre-purchased the game or pre-ordered it for Windows 10 or Xbox One. You would instantly think that only a small number of people would be interested in the beta, right? Wrong. It turns out that the response has been overwhelming, and due to the issues some people encountered getting in, Rare is now extending the Sea of Thieves closed beta test.

The news went live via a tweet over on the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account. The message is fairly straightforward, indicating that the closed beta is being extended by two whole days due to the fact that some players had a rough time getting into the beta two days ago after following the steps to participate.

Some gamers were met with an error saying "You're too early", and it prevented them from being able to take a dive into the game. Rare opted to post some troubleshooting tips online, which included having players pre-order the game digitally, retrieving the closed beta code and attempting to log into the game from the Xbox Store or through the Windows Store via the Xbox One or Windows 10. For some players it worked. For others? Not so much. Rare eventually issued a hotfix to address the issue, and eventually some of those who had troubles accessing the beta were able to log into the game and play-test the closed beta with others who pre-ordered Sea of Thieves.

According to an updated post over on the game's official website, it was mentioned that the hotfix didn't entirely fix the problem for everyone. In fact, it's noted that the fix is taking a while to reach all affected players. So, in the meantime, while some people are still having a tough time logging into the closed beta, there are measures in place to rectify the problem with a troubleshooting guide while the patch continues to make the rounds.

Hence why Rare decided to extend the closed beta by an additional two days. Instead of ending on January 29th, the Sea of Thieves closed beta will now extend to January 31st.

This means you get an extra two days to play the game, assuming you're already in it. If you haven't been able to get in, hopefully the two day extension will afford you an opportunity to create your character, find some friends, log into the seafaring game, hop aboard your pirate ship and start sailing the seas to find treasure, battle against skeletal warriors, scale mountains to uncover secrets, and loot treasure chests from sunken ships.

There's a lot of hype surrounding Sea of Thieves because it's a really interesting persistent, cooperative-based multiplayer game that's quite unlike anything else on the market at the moment, so Microsoft and Rare have a lot riding on the success of the game. Ensuring that the closed beta works right is an important step in making the game a big hit when it launches this March for Xbox One and PC.

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