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Electronic Arts has the annual tradition of simulating the Super Bowl games just ahead of the actual real-life events. The crazy part about it is that many times the simulations turn out to be very close to what transpires in real life. So who will win Super Bowl LII? Well, you can see for yourself, according to Madden NFL 18. The New England Patriots are expected to win a very close game with a final score of 24 to 20 over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The video isn't very long and made bite-sized for casual viewers who may not be familiar with the mechanics and gameplay of the Madden NFL series. Instead of focusing on the minutiae of the gameplay, the video that was posted up over on the EA Sports YouTube channel instead focuses on a very well-produced highlight reel of the action, contained within the confines of just a minute and 34 seconds.

The simulation plays out more like a slickly produced trailer. We get some sleek looking shots of the Philadelphia Eagles going up against the New England Patriots.

The sim seems to show Philadelphia getting the early lead thanks to Jay Ajayi making the drive into the end zone for the touchdown.

During the early first half, the sim shows the Eagles up by 7 with a 10 to 3 lead at one point.

But the Eagles don't stay ahead for long. EA Sports' simulation of the Super Bowl using Madden NFL 18 seems to stick close to real life, with legendary quarterback Tom Brady managing to score a massive pass to Rob Gronkowski who end up pushing the lead up by 4 with a 17 to 13 score heading into halftime.

The third quarter plays out a lot differently than the first two, with the Eagles managing to sack Tom Brady a couple of times and even manage to intercept a pass and score another touchdown, bringing the Eagles up to 20 over the Patriots' 17.

The game is really close, but there's a fumble in the fourth quarter with just a minute and 44 seconds left on the clock. During the fumble the Eagles manage to recover the ball and quarterback Nick Foles is given one last opportunity to win the game for Philadelphia.

The production quality here is absolutely top notch, but the game ends at a 24 to 20 final score with the favor going to the Patriots after Foles' last ditch pass gets swatted away in the end zone.

The game is pretty intense and one can only wonder if it will play out that way in real life over the weekend? If you want to simulate it for yourself, you can actually get Madden NFL 18 for a limited time for only $19.80 during the Super Bowl weekend.

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